How do I connect remotely to a library computer?

Answered By: Sarah Cairns
Last Updated: Dec 20, 2021     Views: 23

the Library provides users with remote access to dozens of software programs installed on the public computers in Mills and Thode libraries, as well as to selected specialized media creation software available on the computers in the Lyons New Media Centre.

  • Using your MacID, you can access a range of software programs through the service, including MATLAB, Minitab, Arc GIS, SPSS and Maple
  • You can connect directly to any computer listed on the Remote Computer Access webpageyou will be prompted to download a small RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) file that will enable you to access the software installed on that computer and use the program on your personal desktop
  • When you're finished, simply disconnect from the Library computer. That machine then becomes available for the next user
  • There is no time limit on each session


Are you experiencing an issue with connecting remotely to a library computer?

Machines that are in use or unavailable are typically removed from the remote computer access webpage, which may require a manual refresh of that page.

You should not be using saved RDP files, as this could lead to you trying to connect to a machine that is in use. You would, however, get a message that someone else is using the machine. The logged-in user would get a message that someone is trying to connect, which they can then allow or deny. By allowing, they relinquish their connection. Denying sends the potential user a “connection refuse” message.

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