How do I access my course eReserves?

Answered By: Sarah Cairns
Last Updated: Sep 15, 2022     Views: 368


You must be currently registered for the course in order to access the course readings. You can access these readings through your Avenue to Learn module.

  1. Find eReserves on your course page
  2. From your course homepage click "Content"
  3. Click on the eReserves Module
  4. Click "eReserves" to open your course materials list
  5. Find the item you want to view and click "View Item" on the left-hand side

Print Reserves

These items are located behind library service desks. You can use this link to view a list of all currently available course reserves (or, you can generate this list by entering "?" into the search bar on the Library homepage, selecting 'Course Reserves' from the dropdown menu to the right of the search field at the top of the results page, and hitting 'Enter' again to refine the results). 

To search for a specific title on course reserve in Omni, enter a title into the search bar on the Library homepage; on the results page, select 'Course Reserve' from the dropdown menu; and hit 'Enter' again to refine the search results to course reserve items. 

Locating a course reserve in Omni


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